Hair Extensions training, all you need to know before.

First of all, what a consultation and why is so important?
You may already know what’s a consultation, a meeting with an expert or professional, such as a medical doctor, in order to seek advice. In this case the professional is you. But for me consultation is not only too met the client, know what their needs are and talk about prices, is and opportunity to show off, to make them feel safe and a sure that you know your game and that they will get the best hair Jon of their life.
Talk to the client looking straight to their eyes, face to face, make them feel close and relax in your presence, remember, there is a ton of people doing the same as you out there, let your personality be one of the reasons they choose you.

What’s your hair history , in terms of color, treatments, hair cuts ….?
Is it the first time they get extensions?
If is not what went wrong last time? This so you know what do avoid, what bothers them
Do they do exercise?
How often do they wash your hair?
Do you style you hair a lot?
What’s your their hair bed routine?
Do they like to do ponytails a lot?
Are you tender headed?
How long you wanted?
What color? If you are providing this service
How long?
Volume, no volume, natural look or extravagant?

This is the moment to get the most information to do the best job